About Aris Allen Dance Shoe Soles

The Aris Allen Philosophy is simple:
Your dancing will look more authentic if you wear the same shoes that were being worn when the dance was invented!


  • Designed by Swing Dancers for Swing Dancers: The Aris Allen Raw Sole is flexible to help you feel the floor.
  • We are always thrilled when we watch swing competitions as pair after pair of Aris Allens show up on the competitors (usually the white ones, so they're pretty obvious!).
  • Made from flexible hard leather with a raw, unfinished surface on both sole & heel just like 40's dance shoes.
  • The finish feels like velvet and acts a lot like Chrome Leather (suede) - allowing you to spin and slide, but still control the floor.
  • The Leather Heel has thick rubber layer - for extra shock absorption (see photo below).

The Aris Allen Raw Dance Shoe Sole


  • Many of our shoes are made with suede soles which are wonderful to dance on but require occasional upkeep (it's usually a problem with catching the edge on a piece of hardwood that is sticking up on the dance floor).
  • If you need to re-glue the suede many people just use crazy glue gel. We have also found that commercially produced shoe repair glue (available from the shoe repair shop in your local mall) works great.
  • You're not supposed to wear suede soles outside - but every swing dancer knows that you can make suede soles faster by wearing them everywhere to get them dirty, then dance in them until they're shiny on the bottom.
  • If you prefer them less zippy you can dull the “mirror finish” they can get by roughing them up with a wire brush periodically. Just remember that when they are wet from walking in the rain they won't spin as easily (conversely - if they're too slippery just spill your drink on the floor and step in it!).