Wholesale Terms


We are celebrating our 20th year in business and have created a small but mighty line that is perfect for swing dancers interested in wearing authentic footwear.

We sell men's and women's dance shoes with a retro look - primarily for swing dancers - but we are popular with dancers from many disciplines as well as new, elderly, or injured ballroom dancers. We stock what we sell. If it's on our site it's on our shelf.

We are one of the few dance shoe brands that is owned by actual dancers. We know what they want and need because dancing is our life.

  • In the U.S. we sell only to brick-and-mortar Dance Supply Stores, Shoe Stores, and Clothing Boutiques. No minimums.
  • Outside the U.S. we sell to stores, studios, or dance event vendors. 5-pair minimum per order. 


  • ORDER ONLINE: We will send you a PayPal invoice if the shipping costs more than you paid online (this rarely happens - but please be prepared for that possibility).
  • WE KEEP LIVE INVENTORY COUNTS: If an item is not on our site it is not in stock and we cannot ship it. We cannot take backorders and cannot tell you when or if we will have it in stock again. We regularly restock as soon as possible but expect the 2-year downtime we experienced due to the pandemic to reverberate for awhile longer.
  • YOUR 50% DISCOUNT APPLIES TO FULL PRICE MERCHANDISE ONLY: You cannot use your wholesale discount code on sale or closeout merchandise. If you purchase sale or closeout items you will be charged the price shown on the site with no discount. Use the following link to see what is available to wholesale customers. Items that qualify for a wholesale discount.
  • WE DO NOT LET ANYONE COMPETE WITH OUR RETAILERS: We only offer our wholesale discount to brick-and-mortar retailers. We do not discount our line to teachers, studios, website-only businesses, or people selling only at events. We do this to protect our cherished brick-and-mortar retailers. Your job is difficult enough without having to compete with people who do not sell dancewear as their main business from a permanent location.


  • Place orders directly on our site - we do not accept orders by phone, mail, or email. 
  • Your wholesale discount code is tied to your email address and gives you a 50% wholesale discount on full price items on our site. Unfortunately, if the item you want is on sale it won't be discounted. That's because our margins are low enough that many of our sale prices would make your cost lower than what we paid for it if it was discounted 50%. Most manufacturers deal with this by instituting a case price/open stock price system. We do not want to make things that complicated.
  • After we pack and weigh your order if the amount you've been charged on our site is less than it costs to ship and insure we will send you a PayPal invoice for the difference. 


  • OUR WHOLESALE DISCOUNT IS FOR RETAILERS WHO STOCK OUR BRAND: We unfortunately may not be the brand for your store. A wholesale relationship with our company means you are stocking our brand and offering them to customers. We will not continue to discount our shoes if all you are doing is taking random orders and selling them one at a time. That is not fair to other retailers who are actually stocking our brand. We understand that you occasionally may need to order just one at a time because a customer did not fit the ones you have in stock - but not every order for years. We will not ship directly to your customers. We will also cancel your discount if we discover you are just taking orders and selling our products at discounted prices.
  • USE OF OUR BRAND NAME: Aris Allen is our registered trademark. Do not represent yourselves as our company or distributor or use our brand name to purchase a URL.


  • Credit card or PayPal only. 


  • Sorry, we do not accept backorders.


  • You can use photos of our products but any of our photos with people in them are not to be used.


  • Sorry, we do not send free or discounted samples. Please purchase samples at full retail price from ArisAllen.com.


  • We do not accept returns of wholesale merchandise.
  • Exchange of defective merchandise must be made within 30 days of receipt. In case of factory defects: returns will not be accepted without a prior written authorization and will only be exchanged. A call tag will be sent if factory defect return is authorized.


    • We are happy to correct any errors - but please order early. We cannot expedite your shipping due to errors (whether ours or yours) because you need the items by a certain date.
    • Claims for discrepancies on invoices must be made within 5 days or receipt of merchandise.


    • We stand behind our products. If you find a defect (even if you find the problem after your customer has worn the item for up to 30 days) we will be happy pay for the repair or, if it is unable to be repaired, will issue you a credit. If it is a recurring complaint and you have continued to order that style we will not issue you a credit.


    • Sorry, we do not grant exclusive territories.


    Aris Allen
    7509 Ridge Rd
    Frederick, Maryland 21702


    • Prices, terms & conditions are subject to change without prior notice.


    • As a manufacturer/wholesaler/distributor we must also vend our products online. If you have a brick-and-mortar location and purchase wholesale goods from us we do not mind if you also sell them online on your own site. However, we do not recommend selling them on a website since our stock is so flexible - you will end up taking orders for items/sizes we no longer have in stock.
    • You cannot vend our products on any affiliate or marketplace sites, including, but not limited to:
      - Amazon.com
      - eBay.com
      - Zappos.com


    • Order early! We almost always ship wholesale orders within 3-5 business days. Average transit time is anywhere from 1 day within 1-2 states of Maryland, 5-7 days for the west coast, and 1-3 weeks for international destinations.
    • We ship via USPS (and/or UPS in the U.S.).
    • We cannot rush wholesale orders - nor can we guarantee an exact ship or receipt date.
    • If your shipment is refused we will need you to give us a new address before we ship again.


    • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ENTER THE CORRECT ADDRESS and do not use autofill. 10% of the orders we receive have incorrect addresses because of autofill. If your shipment cannot be delivered to the address you provided and your shipment is returned to us you will be charged for shipping both ways and back out again.


      • Minimum quantity for our wholesale discount for brick-and-mortar retailers outside the US is 5 pairs.
      • If your shipment is refused by your country's customs or postal authorities (etc.) for any reason, you will be charged for freight both ways when it comes back to us - and back out again. If you wish us to re-ship we will ask for a different address. 
      • You will also have to pay any penalties or the cost of return shipping if you ask us to ship something that is not legal to ship to your location or have given us an address that your postal service claims they are unable to find or deliver to.
      • We ship in case boxes. To keep your shipping costs as low as possible it’s best to order in quantities of 10. More or less than 10, 20, 30, etc. will result in you paying to ship extra cardboard or air.