How to Fit a Wedge

Illustration of a Wedge Shoe

Popular in the 1940's and revived in the 1970's, these are women's shoes, often open toed and open backed, that have a one-piece sole that is shaped like a wedge. They can be slip on, lace up or buckled.

Below are some very simple drawings that demonstrate the most difficult concept to grasp in fitting women's strappy shoes... the fact that if your foot is too far into the shoe at the back, you'll look like a 4-year-old standing in the mirror trying on mommy's shoes.

How to fit a wedge shoe diagram

It is common to see this phenomenon (heel of shoe hanging out beyond actual heel of foot) on shots in magazines... We have been asked by several fashion magazines to send half a dozen pairs at a time for photo shoots. They always ask for size 10. Six pairs of size 10. Because most models have size 10 or 11 feet. The unlucky model with size 8's? She's the one misleading all of us with her heel too far in on the shoe!