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Welcome to Aris Allen

We've been manufacturing and distributing specialty footwear and dancewear since 1996 and specialize in items that your customers want but can't easily find.

We know you will enjoy working with us. We offer the world's largest selection of swing dance shoes. All our products are designed by and for swing dancers.

Please call us at 410-609-8017.

Our wholesale prices are 50% off MSRP. Even when we're having a sale on our retail site - you still pay just 50% of the retail price. We never undercut our retailers. There is NO discount on apparel.

We stock what we sell and usually ship within 3 business days after your payment clears.

Please CLICK HERE to see minimums for wholesale orders.

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Please call if you would like a 19x13" color poster to hang in your store.

If you'd like to give flyers to local dance instructors announcing that you're carrying our brand just CLICK HERE to print a PDF.



We wish that we could tell you exactly which styles sell best, but one month we'll sell more Men's Black Captoes and the next month sell more White Captoes... the next month inexplicably the Black & White Wingtip is catching up!

Our customers tend to buy more of anything that's either new or black.

Women's favorites:
The Heeled 1940s Mary Jane, the Wingtip Athletic Mary Jane, the Women's Canvas Sneaker, the Velvet & Mesh Mary Janes, the 1930s d'Orsay Dance Sandal

Men's favorites:
The Captoes, Wingtips, Plaid & Herringbone Classic Dress Sneaker and the Retro Runners

The styles listed above are perennial favorites, but periodically many other styles will either overtake them in sales or come very close.


Most of our women's black skirts and red dresses sell well.

Our men's wide-leg trousers cross over into ballroom and salsa and come in an un-hemmed version so you don't have to worry about carrying different lengths.