Wholesale Questions

What we do

We've been manufacturing and distributing specialty footwear and dancewear since 1996 and during that time we've been asked every question you can imagine. To make sure our valued customers understand our simple wholesale conditions we've created this page.

A typical wholesale transaction involves a customer logging into our site, entering their order and paying for it. Sometimes they'll call or email their order. We will process their order and usually ship it within 2-3 days.

However, sometimes new customers don't get the whole wholesale/retail difference and will bombard us with questions and requests to do things other than simply ship in a timely manner at a 50% discount. They don't understand that we're happy to answer the occasional question and help them decide what is best for their customers... but not every 3 days - or every 3 hours (not kidding!).

So here's exactly what we do:

We offer a 50% discount to brick-and-mortar businesses in the U.S. (and to any business outside the U.S. that can meet our minimums).

We take from 2-7 days to prepare your order (average 2-3 days).

We have live inventory on our site.

We notify you if your credit card declines.

We ship UPS.

We provide great customer service including tracking lost packages, notifying them when we have a sale and advising them on possible good sellers for their demographic.

Things we don't do:

We do not ever guarantee a specific ship or delivery date.

We do not take backorders.

We do not take returns.

We do not offer credit.

Sorry, we do not do anything else when you get a wholesale discount.
We DO however offer lots of these things to our retail customers. If you promised a customer something that you cannot deliver you can simply go to our retail site and place a retail order and pay for expedited shipping.

We've dealt with lots of distributors, wholesalers and factories over the years and the things we've listed below.... well... we would never have had the nerve to ask and expect them to continue to do business with us. In over a decade of selling wholesale goods we have told 3 companies that we would no longer ship to them. We only did this because they were constantly asking us to do a myriad of things that we simply do not offer to wholesale customers (see below).

List of things that we've heard in our years of doing this:

Customs is too expensive. Please mark all the boxes as "gifts".
(Yeah, we really want to break the law for someone we've never met).

If I order lots of shoes will you give me free shipping?

Last time you shipped to us it arrived here in 4 days. Because it's Monday and I need these by Friday make sure you ship today so I'll get them in time.
(It was a 250 pair order and they wanted it shipped to Scandinavia).

That big order that's all packed up and ready to ship? Because my credit card would not run every time you tried it for the past 5 days the order won't be here by this weekend so I don't want it any more.

I want to be your distributor in my country. Will you give me an extra discount so I can sell your goods at wholesale price to other people?

I'm upset because you didn't estimate shipping immediately and then call me so I could cancel the order if I thought the shipping was going to be too much.

Ship this pair directly to this address. My customer needs it by this weekend and there isn't enought time for it to arrive here so I can ship it to them by Friday. Can you make sure you ship it out this afternoon?

Why did you ship me these? I asked for espadrilles!
(We sent wedges - turns out they wanted sneakers. Sigh.)

I don't have the money to pay for this order. But I'll double the order if you ship without making me pay up front.

Your shopping cart isn't easy enough to use.

Use my FedEx number when you ship.

Ship these to Ohio. My friend will bring them back here by plane. So take all the shoes out of the boxes and put them into the smallest box you can. Make sure the shipment arrives between Monday and Wednesday of next week because we don't trust the hotel to hold them until he gets there.

I ordered on Tuesday and they didn't arrive by Friday when I needed them - so I don't want the order now - please call UPS and have them divert the shipment back to you and refund my money.

Can you lie on the invoice about the amount the shoes cost so I won't have to pay so much in customs?

The shipping address doesn't match the billing address because I live with my parents so I'm having you ship these to my girlfriend's apartment.

Hang on - I'm giving the phone to my friend. He's using his credit card to pay for this.

I finally got to the bank - so now there's enough money in the account - but because it took me this long to get to the bank now I need you to expedite the order. Can you ship it today?

Can you say that our order of 50 pairs of shoes in 15 different sizes are manufacturing samples?
(Manufacturing samples look like this: they're always one size, just one shoe - not a pair - and they have "SAMPLE" written on them in indelible ink and have a hole drilled in the sole... sure - I'll do that to your 50 pairs).

What are your minimums? Can you ship just 2 pairs in my size and 2 pairs in my girlfriend's size immediately for the wholesale price... because as soon as people see them on us, you'll get a lot of business from us.

Can you send us free samples?

Can you answer these 10 questions by email that are already answered on your site?

There's an error on the customs form you filled out with our shipment. Now it won't get here until Monday so we won't get it in time for our weekend event. We don't want the order anymore.

My country won't let me import some of the things you I ordered. I had to go down to the customs office and pull out several of the items you sent before they'd release the shipment. I want you to reimburse me for the time it took to go there and pay return postage for sending the items back.

I don't speak English very well. Please translate your answer to my language when you email me.

I'm thinking of opening a shop. Please tell me what your wholesale prices are. What kinds of shoes do most people buy? No, I've never owned a shop before. No, I have no idea when we'll be opening. We're just mulling it over right now. So how do you ship? Do we have to pay up front? (Add 35 more questions).

I overpaid by $500 on my last order - so I have a credit. Here's my order for $800 worth of shoes.
(When we called and pointed out that we needed $300 before shipping he tried to get us to ship without payment. When we said no told us to just send $500 worth. Thanks - we really enjoy unpacking boxes to remove some of your order because you didn't intend to pay for part of it.)

I sold a shoe to a customer and now you say that you're probably not going to make that style again. You need to call me when you run out of something.
(Let's see... 40 phone calls because we run out of size 5.5... um, no. Please check our site before you accept money for a shoe. We're too small of a company to carry 20 styles forever and never stop making things that don't sell AND keep expanding our line.) .

Please ship this as soon as possible, but we're going on vacation so please put a note on our shipment to tell the driver that if we're not home to call our friend and have him come meet the driver.
(UPS said no, our drivers do not divert shipments or call when you're not there).

Do you have these 20 items in stock and can you weigh them and when can you ship and how much will shipping be and when will it arrive? Please figure out all these answers and email me immediately so I can decide whether or not to place the order because I need them in 10 days.

How much will the taxes and duty be on these 10 pairs listed below?

You told us that an item would probably be in stock in 4-6 weeks, then when your factory was late, you didn't call me right away.

OK, so I don't want this style exactly like this - so here's what you do - just tell the factory to make it differently.

You think you'll make these in red? Great! Call me when you get them in. I need them by the 15th of October.

Can you give me a bigger discount for large orders?
(Our answer to this is: Hell yes! How many thousands would you like to buy? They meant an order of more than 20 pairs.)

Will you let me have exclusive rights to sell in my country - after all, I'm going to do a lot of work promoting these, I don't want someone else to start selling these after I've made you famous.
(We hear this A LOT. Anyone who asks this is usually not in business yet - which is funny because if we DID give exclusive rights, wouldn't we give it to our biggest seller?).

We could go into business together - with your products and my ideas, we could make a lot of money!

I have an idea for a shoe. You make it and give me 50% of what you sell it for.
(Wait a minute! I ALSO have an idea for a shoe... why don't YOU make it and give ME 50% of what you sell it for?)

This 10 paragraph angry email will explain everything I think is wrong with your company and how awful your employees are. When I sent you an email with the subject line: "Wholesale Order", you obviously didn't notice that somewhere at the bottom of the 30-item list with several paragraphs on the top and bottom of it was the sentence: "Can you tell me what's in stock and when can you send it?" Now you've charged my card and shipped it to me. I didn't respond to your email telling me you'd sent the shipment because I was out of town and didn't check my emails. You should pay to take these back.
(from 5000 miles away).

You didn't send me 9 of the pairs I ordered. Why can't you ever get an order right?
(Customer was unpacking the orders right onto their stock shelves. Because they ALWAYS said we left 10-20% of their merchandise out we had started photographing all the open cartons before we sealed them. We emailed them the photos and never heard another peep.)

I emailed you asking for the white women's shoes in size 10.5 - and you sent me the wrong style - so I want you to take back this shoe and send me the right one at your expense.
(This happened because the customer couldn't be bothered to order using stock numbers or check which sizes we stock in the style they thought they were ordering - we only have one women's shoe in white 10.5 - so we figured that's what they needed.)

I'll pay for you to make shoes just for me - that you don't allow anyone else to sell.
(How many do you need?)
For the first order I'll try 18 pairs.

WHERE IS MY %&$#*%# _____!?!
(Um, you didn't order it... we have your original email right here. Perhaps you should have checked it before you whipped out the profanities.)

Yes, I want to sell your products... NO! I'm not just outfitting my dance team at wholesale prices. My order? I want 10 pairs of shoes. 5 men's white captoes; 3 size 10 and 2 size 11.5 and 5 women's black mary janes; 2 size 7 and 3 size 9...

This shoe doesn't fit like you said it would. My customer is a 6 and usually takes a U.S. 8, but it doesn't fit them, now I'm stuck with it.

The color isn't red enough. I don't want to pay for this skirt. Can you take it back and send me the OTHER red skirt you make?

(Gee. Nobody else has ever complained. They sell really well. You love all of our other stuff. Can't you just say it's really not what you thought it was, and could we refund you just this once... and dispense with the insults?)

Can you manufacture another product that isn't anything like the ones you currently sell?

Can you sell me another company's products?

There's this other company that won't sell to me any more. If you'd like to make some money you can buy their shoes and sell them to me.

Here is another list of 10 shoes that had problems. Refund my money.
(This was from a dancer who was selling our shoes overseas - every time one of his friends walked up to him to complain about something he added it to the list. We have no problem discounting or refunding for factory defects - but this customer sent us a list like this every other month, listing either cosmetic defects on new shoes or broken shoelaces, the edge of the suede sole coming up, etc. on shoes that customers had worn for months. We had to tell them that after they found a defect on a particular style, not to ever order it again - because we would not repeatedly refund for the same "problem". We never got a list again!)

Can you ship immediately -- there's a big event this weekend -- if I email my order tomorrow, exactly when can you ship and when will it be delivered?

Sorry my credit card declined, but you see there's this thing where this guy was supposed to ----->4 to 8 paragraphs of a very long story filled with really wierd excuses<----- so can you ship my order without payment? I swear I'll pay in a week.

Sorry I didn't pay for the order that you packed a month ago. Please send it immediately. Here's a new credit card number. But please don't send these 30 pairs and add these 20 pairs.

Can you call one of my customers and explain why their shoes have not arrived from your factory?

I would like to placing an order of a very large size to sell your goods in the country of mine. My business is very big and will become substantial largest customer. Please send me the information of your bank so I can to place money in your account of the business of yours and make order.
(Customer was outraged that we didn't answer this email. Didn't think it was odd to be asking for bank information before placing an order - or even finding out what our prices were.)

Yes, I gave your direct line to my customer and told them to call you. I got tired of them asking me when their shoes were going to arrive.
(Retailer had accepted money for a shoe that was 3 months late from our factory and was damned if they were going to give the customer their money back.)

You sent the shipment to the address I gave you but for some reason UPS had a problem finding my home address -- or maybe I wasn't home when they tried to deliver -- and I didn't call them back in time -- because I didn't call them back after 4 attempts they shipped it back to you - so I think you should pay to send it to me again -- because it's a perfectly good address -- I don't know what's wrong with UPS -- and when do you think it will arrive -- because I'm leaving again to go on vacation. Can you send it overnight at your cost?
(To Europe? Sure! We've already paid to send it to you - and paid to have it delivered back here... what's a little overnight shipping going to add to it?)

One customer called 17 times in one day.

Another customer called 3 times a day for over 2 weeks until we explained that all the questions he was asking were answered on our website.

When we audited the emails from last year to check for ways we could improve service we found 32 emails from a customer who had only placed 3 orders.

Thanks for reading this! We only post it on our site so we can serve you better by doing our job without distractions.