The Aris Allen Trunk Show

The Aris Allen Trunk Show:

Our "Trunk Show" means we will actually show up at your event or venue and sell our shoes. We promise that we're ultra-professional and will help add a carnival atmosphere to your event. Plus you get TWO gift certificates for a FREE PAIR OF ARIS ALLENS to give away at your event. We also give you 3 free pairs of shoes to give to your top henchmen to say thanks for helping.


We set up 3 3x6' tables at your event (total square footage needed: 25'x12').

What we ask for...

We have done this at many events. We never make much money - most of the profit goes to our helpers, the cost of freight and to pay the staff that must set up and break down our little Trunk Show. Because this is a break-even promotional tool for us:

- we can only do events where you have 500 or more attendees
- we don't usually pay any fees or percentage of our sales (because we usually lose money anyway)
- we need to be in a prime spot with plenty of foot traffic
- you must trumpet our presence on your site and emailings
- you must have your emcee announce our presence and talk about how great our products are (at least twice each night)
- we need to be in a high traffic area (not stuck in a corner)
- we only set up at events that run through Sunday afternoon and will let us sell any time between 9am & 2am
- we do not leave styles home just because your regular vendor says they won't show up if we're selling our entire line.

In return for this we will enhance your event and hopefully give it a sense of importance (we are after all the world's largest manufacturer of swing dance shoes).

NOTE: We will bring a "Sign up for our email list: Put your email in this box and win a free pair of Aris Allens" box - we don't mind if you use the addresses as well.


Please read the info on THIS PAGE before you agree to this - thanks!