The Aris Allen Traveling Show

The Aris Allen Traveling Show:

Thanks so much for helping us promote our line of shoes. Our "Traveling Show" will help add a bit of a carnival atmosphere to your large event or venue - and you get TWO gift certificates for a FREE PAIR OF ARIS ALLENS to give away at your event (and one free pair for one of your helpers who keeps an eye on our stuff).

This is exactly the same as the Aris Allen "Promo Table" - but with the tryon shoes.


We send you a box (with the items below) that fit nicely on (and under) a 6 x 2 foot table.

- One certificate for a free pair of Aris Allens from for one of your henchmen (who set up and straighten the table and send the stuff back at the end)
- Two more Certificates for *free* shoes that you can use or raffle off during the event!
- a mini manual with instructions for setting up the table
- Aris Allen stand-up poster(s)
- a few display shoes
- about 20 boxes with "tryon shoes" that attendees can sample on the dance floor
- business cards
- dance shoe catalogs
- black table cloth
- a box with prepaid return postage (to send the display back)

We'll send you 3 of them to present to the lucky winners (and the person who watches over the Aris Allen table).
They are good only for shoes that we have in stock (for obvious reasons!) and we pay the postage. The recipients just have to call us with the certificate number and we'll ship them one pair immediately.


Please read the info on THIS PAGE before you agree to this - thanks!