The Aris Allen Promo Pack

The Aris Allen Promo Pack:

Thanks so much for helping us promote our line of shoes. We've had lots of calls asking if we had any posters to help "dress up" venues. (We're flattered!) We'd love to send you some posters (and flyers) - andto say thank you we'll be happy to donate a gift certificate to help promote your venue or event.




Please read the info on THIS PAGE before you agree to this - thanks!

Please call 410-609-8017 and tell them which poster you'd like.
These are very high quality and VERY expensive to print... so please only ask for them if you really want to post them (if it's for an event, please be kind and use it at your venue afterwards).

Style 1 - Just Shoes
19x13 Horizontal Poster with just pictures of our shoes.

Style 2 - Swirls & Dancers
13x19 Vertical Poster with a poster of either Lindy Phil and Katie Eyring or Jeramie Anderson & River Lu (both are pictured here).

Please print out a copy of the certificate then call us at 410-609-8017 for the code. The recipients just have to call us with the certificate number and we'll ship them their pair immediately.

Of course we'll also send some postcards and ask you to put them on your flyer table!

Thanks again - we can't tell you how much we appreciate this - we're working very hard to do the best we can to provide the swing dance community with cool stuff!

We hope this helps make your event a success!